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Psychotherapy and Hypnosis

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working in private practice. I specialize in supporting adolescents and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, past trauma, and relational issues. I welcome clients who are in the childbearing year, and I provide support and coaching to parents with children at any age of development. My approach to psychotherapy is collaborative, empowering, and intuitive. We work together to unlock your hidden strengths so that you can live the empowered, beautiful life you envision.

Now offering Telehealth sessions, so you can experience this transformational work from the comfort of your home. Telehealth is covered by many insurances. Sliding Scale fee is available for uninsured clients. No one will be turned away due to inability to pay the full fee. 

Wild Flowers

Many of the challenges adults face stem from early experiences of trauma, invalidation, or neglect. Even when we understand the roots of unhealthy patterns, we can still struggle to change them.  I use my clinical intuition to help clients work with the unconscious mind and move into the body-based experiences of past traumas to create deep, long-lasting change. EMDR is a highly-effective form of psychotherapy I offer for treating post-traumatic stress disorder and other manifestations of past trauma. 

Telehealth is available and may be covered by your insurance. 

I am credentialed with Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Maine Community Health Options, New Hampshire Healthy Families, Ambetter, Optum, Mainecare, and Medicare. All others are self-pay, due at time of service. There is a sliding scale fee of $50 to $100 an hour, determined by the client's ability to pay.


1 hour  /   $100



1 hour  /   $100

Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to create shifts in the unconscious mind that lead to changes in thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Most of the motivations for how we act, think, and feel at any given time arise from our unconscious minds. Using hypnosis we work directly on the unconscious mind to adapt and update unconscious patterns and beliefs so that your operating system reflects where you are now in your life and is geared towards where you want to go. Hypnosis also provides an opportunity to gain deep insight and wisdom into your challenges by connecting to your higher self, your spiritual support system, and past life experiences. 

Many people expect to feel a drastic change in consciousness under hypnosis. In reality, hypnosis is simply a trance state similar to being engrossed in a thrilling novel. Your brain is wired to move in and out of trance states throughout the day, as you fall asleep, when you perform routine tasks, and when you engage in creative activities.

Since everyone is unique, your experience of hypnosis will be tailored to fit your personality and the issues you want to work on. I do not apply a uniform approach to every client. Instead we will collaborate to develop an experience that is right for you.

How long to engage in this powerful therapeutic work is determined collaboratively. Some folks attend only a session or two, while other benefit from longer-term work. Hypnosis is often covered by insurances as an aspect of psychotherapy.

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